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Be a part of the team setting the bar for
work culture


Be a part of the team setting the bar for
work culture

So like, what does Fam do?

We are raising a new, financially aware generation of Indians who understand the fundamentals of personal finance and are capable of making decisions in their best long term interest.

The values we live for


Be a student

Stay curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, the learning never stops.


Be entrepreneurial

Step out of your comfort zone by taking risks and being observant, resourceful, and fearless.


Be humble and grateful

Stay kind, grounded, accepting, and respectful to all. There’s no room for ego here.


Be vocal

Share your opinions, perspectives, and beliefs. If you’ve got something to say, we’re all ears.


Be self-governed

Build values and principles for yourself to stay self-aware and know what’s right and wrong.


Be collaborative

Always share, care, play, fail, and celebrate together. Team work makes the dream work.

What's the Fam like?

Young and
ridiculously friendly

We're a thoughtful, curious, and collaborative bunch, always hungry for more

A family that looks
after each other

We even call ourselves "the fam", and we live upto it

Working with the
smartest generation

Imagine solving the problems of our future leaders. Pretty cool, right?

Every idea
shines bright here

From interns to full-timers, all ideas are considered an asset in our team

We like to keep things social. Take a look!

Warning: our perks might make your friends mad 👀

Create your own flexible work schedule

Top notch gadgets for top notch people

ESOPS for all, coz we like to share

Health insurance, for you & your loved ones

Free therapy with mental health professionals

All this, along with a generous leave policy,
experienced mentorship, and more.